MSDN Webcast: Deploying Internationalized Applications Using ClickOnce

I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting a webcast for MSDN on the subject of Deploying Internationalized Applications Using ClickOnce. This is a slightly updated version of the same presentation that I gave at SDC in Holland this month. In a nutshell, the presentation describes how you go about deploying an internationalized Windows Forms 2.0 application using ClickOnce. It covers the problem from two points of view: (1) what are the pros and cons of the different deployment strategies and (2) how do you localize the ClickOnce UI. I think this is a fascinating subject with lots of new information that is barely available anywhere else.

Date: Wednesday 28th June 2006
(There are no World Cup matches on 28th June.)

Time: 6:00pm GMT (10:00am Pacific Time)

Duration: 1 hour

Description: ClickOnce is a smart client deployment technology in the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 that brings the power and ease of Web deployment to Windows Forms and console applications. Although ClickOnce is a powerful and compelling model with many options, deploying internationalized applications requires special consideration. This webcast presents what you need to know to successfully deploy internationalized applications using ClickOnce. We illustrate different models for deploying internationalized applications, and explain how to localize each part of the ClickOnce user interface used during deployment and installation. We also discuss the limiting factors that might influence your deployment decisions.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows Forms development, basic knowledge of .NET internationalization, basic knowledge of ClickOnce.

To attend you need to register by going to and clicking on the "Register on the Web" link.

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Posted by: Guy Smith-Ferrier
Posted on: Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 1:00 AM
Categories: Events
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