TechEd 2006 - Day 3

Tuesday: I was delighted to have witnessed two superb presentations today.

You may have seen presentations on PowerShell (the application formerly known as Monad) at various events. Today I saw "Windows PowerShell: Next Generation Command Line Scripting" presented by Jeffrey Snover. Jeffrey is the PowerShell Architect and consequently he should know what he is talking about and he clearly does. However, he can also explain what he knows and, as we all know, the two skills do not always go together. Jeffrey’s presentation was highly focused and very well presented. This was one of the best sessions I have seen so far. If you missed this presentation you can see him on Channel 9 at Well worth your time. And, by the way, PowerShell, in case you haven’t already heard, is phenominal and you should spend time looking at this.

The other presentation of the day for me was "Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Filemon and Regmon" by Mark Russinovich (of Sysinternals fame) and David Solomon. Of course, any chance you get to hear Mark Russinovich talking about any Sysinternals tools should be snapped up but this was a treat even going into it with such high expectations. I must admit that I am a bit dubious about duet presentations but the combination of Mark and David was as good as any I have seen. They really do work well together as a presentation team. On the technical side I was also pleased that despite having used FileMon and Regmon for some time I also learned new strategies for their use. You can download a sample of their co-presentation skills at The Sysinternals Video Library.

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Posted by: Guy Smith-Ferrier
Posted on: Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 1:00 AM
Categories: Events
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