DDD South West 3 Lunchtime Micro-Presentations

It is a tradition at DDD events that the lunchtime activity is a collection of grok talks. This works well because these talks last about 10 minutes and if it isn't so interesting to you then you can just eat your lunch whilst you wait for the next one. This year at DDD South West 3 though we are doing something a little different. I am delighted and excited to announce that we will be having a lunchtime of micro-presentations (aka pecha kucha, aka 20/20). These presentations are structured differently. They are always 20 slides long and each and every slide is always exactly 20 seconds. We know this because PowerPoint (or whatever is set to auto-advance after 20 seconds). Consequently every 20/20 presentation is always exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds. And they are very exciting. See the presenters struggle as they attempt to speak on a subject for exactly 20 seconds, 20 times in a row. Watch them squirm as they reach 15 seconds and run out of things to say. Watch them get flustered as they run over by 3 seconds and have to speak twice as fast for the next slide. This is a tough presentation format and all of the speakers deserve a whole load of credit for stepping up to the mark and saying "I'll do that!". So please show your appreciation and admiration for the following micro-presentations that will be taking place at DDD South West 3 over lunch:-

  • Gary Short, "Algorithms and Asymptotes, What You've Forgotten Since University"
  • Richard Costall, "20 Sliders in 20 Seconds"
  • Phil Collins, "Build Radiators: Hot or Not"
  • Mark Rendle, "Kaizen for Coders"
  • Ross Scott, "How I made PocketDDD"

If your appetite is whetted and you can't wait until DDD South West 3 here are a few previous attempts:-

So if you're going to DDD South West 3 (Saturday 11th June 2011) then grab your lunch and make your way to 4Q56 (the track 1 room) and join in the fun.

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Posted by: GuySmithFerrier
Posted on: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 2:01 PM
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