Statistics for DDD South West 1 to 4

Each year after DDD South West we have compiled statistics about the event. After DDD South West 4 we never really found the time to update the website but rather than let the statistics just disappear I thought a few people might find it interesting to know how it compared with previous events:-

People registered on site 313 642 908 1201
Cancellations 36 62 77 119
Registered attendees (after cancellations) 227 309 331 372
Actual Attendees 158 218 257 288
Percentage Drop Out Rate 30% 29% 22% 23%
Unregistered UWE Students 0 3 3 0
Event Feedback Forms returned 111 152 173 173
Percentage of Event Feedback Forms returned 70% 70% 67% 60%
Session Feedback Forms returned 591 887 1082 1075
Percentage of Session Feedback Forms returned 88% 85% 87% 86%
Geek Dinner Registrations 30 47 54 60
Geek Dinner Attendees 27 45 59 42

As you can see DDD South West 4 had the highest attendance of any DDD South West to date which was very rewarding. DDD South West 4 was fully booked within 4 hours of registration opening and the wait list was full within 24 hours. You can also see that the number of cancellations reached a massive all time high of 119 people. This seems to confirm our theory that people register for DDD events without having any real conviction of whether they will attend simply because they want the option of attending if they decide they will go and it is easier to give up a place than to get a place through the wait list. This raises the age old debate of whether to charge a nominal fee (e.g. 5 UKP) in order to discourage this practice.

Another great statistic from DDD South West 4 was the geek dinner attendance (which was more strictly controlled than for the previous year on the grounds that the venue was clear that they would not accept more than our allocated number).

If you came along to any of these DDD South West events we hope you had a fabulous time.

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Posted by: guysmithferrier
Posted on: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 10:52 AM
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